Following our model introduced for the 2019/2020 season, Seacoast United Massachusetts has the goal of promoting player development and providing a clear pathway for players to become involved with our NPL and US Soccer Development Academy teams. Our younger age groups, U12 (2008) and below, will remain regionalized and train out of local training centers (Amesbury, Danvers, Andover, Etc.). Our older age groups, U13 (2007) and above, will join together to form Seacoast United Massachusetts teams. This will provide players with a competitive environment that offers the highest level of training and games available in the region.

Q. What access to DA/NPL opportunities will there be?
Seacoast United Massachusetts players will be provided with opportunities for identification and pathways to the highest levels of programming offered by the club. The coaching staff will closely collaborate across regional locations to be sure players are identified for our top teams. This includes giving players the opportunity to “move up” during the season if such a decision is warranted on a case by case basis.

Q. Where will the top teams be training?
DA teams will still be operating out of New Hampshire. Several boys NPL teams already train out of Massachusetts, and the final makeup of NPL team rosters will help determine their training locations. This will also be true of Seacoast United Massachusetts U13+ NEP Premier and Select teams. SUSC MA U12 and under teams will train locally.

Q. I currently play for Seacoast United North Shore/Benfica/Kingston and train in Amesbury/Andover/Etc. Will I continue to train and play at the same facilities next year? 
Training for our younger teams (U12 and below) will continue to take place at the same facilities. Training locations for our older teams (U13 and above) will vary as teams will be combining with other regions to form Seacoast United Massachusetts teams. Potential training locations include Amesbury, Danvers, Andover, or a combination of those locations. 

Q. Why are we combining regions for the older age groups? 
By combining we will be able to offer a higher level of play for your son/daughter by forming teams who can compete at a higher level within the NEP. This will be a pathway to our Academy program located out of our NH branch.

Q. Will the current Seacoast United North Shore/Benfica/Storm coaches be involved with Seacoast United Massachusetts? 
All of the current Seacoast United North Shore/Benfica/Storm coaching staff will be involved with Seacoast United Massachusetts. Coaching assignments will be determined and announced this Spring.

Q. What if my son/daughter does not make the MA team? 
Our goal is to find a home for all players and the aim is to have more than one MA combined team per age group for the U13+ brackets. 

Q. How will the training schedule be decided?
First, we will look to see where each player lives on the team and then make a training schedule based on such information. We want to ensure that all players are looked after and that they are not forced to drive for unreasonable driving times to train. 

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